Trevi Top and Dress

Hi friends!  Thanks for putting up with the long silences between my posts.  If you want to see more, check out my Instagram or Facebook page… I’m much better about posting on those!

But since I’m posting here, you might be guessing that Hey June is releasing a new pattern… and you would be right!  Take a look at the new Trevi Top and Dress!


This woven top is perfect for the light and drapey fabrics you’ll want to be wearing all summer long.  This one is made from some royal blue rayon challis from

One of the things I love the most about Adrianna’s patterns is that she walks you through creating such a clean finish on the inside of the garment.  The end result is so beautiful and professional looking, with no raw edges anywhere.  With her patterns, I always know I’m creating a quality piece of clothing that I’ll be wearing with pride.



I’ve already started incorporating it into my work wardrobe, too!  Layered with a cardigan, this top is ideal for wearing to the office.




And, of course, I couldn’t pass up the chance for a dress length version as well!  This rayon challis is from Joann Fabrics.


I find that some of the lighter rayons can be a bit shear and might need to be layered over a cami, but the darker ones can be worn alone without a problem.  This dress is going to be my go-to summer dress.


Thanks for reading!  Until next time… 😉



4 thoughts on “Trevi Top and Dress

  1. Wow! Love both, you look awesome! Thanks for posting your work! Do you think it would be a good midi or maximum dress? The blue looks like it could be a great day time special occasion dress!
    Thanks for your help!
    Carole Taylor


    1. Hi Carole! Thanks for your sweet words. 🙂 I think this could make a cute longer dress, but I’m not sure about how best to lengthen it, given the trapeze style. I would ask in the Hey June Facebook group, or contact Adrianna directly – she’s awesome about answering questions!


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