Sweater Weather

After all my Christmas sewing was over, I got into a bit of a funk.  I lost my “sew-jo,” as some of my fellow sewists put it… but I pulled right out of that funk the minute I got an email from the ever amazing Adrianna with a new pattern test opportunity!  Fabric was purchased during my lunch break the same day, and the pattern was printed and assembled that very night.  All this because I know when Hey June has a new pattern, it’s going to be a winner – something I’ll love and wear in constant rotation.


This new pattern, the Tallinn Sweater, definitely didn’t disappoint.


The asymmetrical front, the dropped shoulder, and the turtleneck make this more than just your basic sweater.  And… if you aren’t a turtleneck fan (or if your desired fabric doesn’t have quite as much stretch as the smaller turtleneck opening requires), there’s a cowl version as well.


It’s also a really quick sew!  No hemming… my favorite.  🙂


This fabric is from Joann Fabrics.  It’s pretty heavenly and perfect for this pattern, in my opinion!  I don’t see it listed online, but there are a few similar sweater knits there.



Once I started sewing again, you know I wasn’t able to stop… so I grabbed this fabric I’d had in my stash for a while and the Cocoon Cardigan pattern from Patterns for Pirates.


I usually love me some pockets, but I skipped them on here because I didn’t have enough fabric.  Foregoing the pockets just meant that I was able to whip this up really quickly.


And I mean quick like put the kids to bed, cut your fabric, sew, and have a new cardigan before you start to feel that [admittedly large] glass of wine quick. 😉


I have another cardigan in the works… if you follow me on instagram you’ve seen a sneak peek or two… but to be honest it’s been a series of unfortunate events with that one, so who knows when or if it will see the light of day.  All my fingers and toes are crossed that I can still salvage it.  Leave me a comment with some encouraging words, because I sure need them for this project!


Thanks for reading!

* There are a number of links in this post, but none of them are affiliate links… they’re just there to help you get to anything you want to see a little quicker.  😉


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