Bridal Shower Brunch

Earlier this summer, my husband’s little sister got married to her high school sweetheart, and I was lucky enough to be her matron of honor!  Ugh, that sounds old… okay, moving past it… 🙂

That meant it was time for me to play hostess.  I don’t do it a lot, so I borrowed a bunch of things from my friends and spent a lot of time with my other good friend, Pinterest. 😉


While people were arriving, there was time for people to write a memory, a blessing, or a word of advice for the bride-to-be.  I had asked for people to send me pictures ahead of time and had a bunch of flower and jewel stickers for them to use to decorate their pages.



For food we had quiche, mini pancakes, mini chicken apple sausages, and fruit.


And cake, of course!


For drinks we had coffee, water, and orange or mango mimosas…mmm…


The champagne glasses were the party favor.  I got these glasses and dipped the bottom in chalkboard paint.  Guests could write their name on the bottom to keep from losing their glass.


I kept the decorations fairly simple – the garland was cut from heavyweight paper.  I got this circle cutter and spent a few nights cutting circles while watching TV, and then just stitched them together with my sewing machine.  And you were worried there wouldn’t be any sewing in this post… 😉

The succulents were a pretty little addition to the tables (and only $6 each at Home Depot!), and they served as the prize for the game too.  Add some (borrowed) tablecloths and some balloons and you have a party!


We had such a great time celebrating the beautiful bride-to-be!


Stay tuned… the next post will be back to sewing, with the shower gift I made for her.  Here’s a hint… it’s a pattern from this sewing book! 😉

Thanks for reading!



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