Charleston Dress

I was lucky enough to be part of another pattern test recently, for the new Charleston Dress by the amazing Adrianna of Hey June.

My first version was in cotton lycra, and I played around with the stripe directions a bit and added a bottom band of color. Both of these were inspired by a dress I borrowed from a friend a couple of years ago for Ella’s baptism.


This is view A of the pattern, which includes an a-line skirt with pockets.  I chose short sleeves for this version, one of seven (!) different sleeve options.


I did some bad math when cutting out the bottom color band and ended up needing to add a second band in the same color, which is why there is a funny seam in the middle of that colored portion – not a fault of the pattern, just my mistake.


The back has a semi-exposed zipper for a fun design feature.


The way the dress is designed provides perfect mommy-tummy camouflage.  Thank you, Adrianna!


For my second version, I chose the long sleeves and used french terry fabric, so this is basically like wearing a sweatshirt.  I LOVE this version and wear it probably more than I should.


All of the fabrics for both of these dresses are from Raspberry Creek  again.  🙂


The view B skirt is more of a pencil skirt option, and the side panels from the bodice continue all the way down the skirt on that view.  There are a ton of great tester versions of that view too, which you should definitely go check out.  I just had a hard time saying no to pockets.  😉

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Charleston Dress

  1. Both of these are AMAZING!!! I really like the neon contrast hem on the striped one tho. Don’t you love it when your ideas look like RTW when your done?


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