Sew the Show – Six Degrees of Separation

Welcome to the second week of the Sew the Show – Six Degrees of Separation blog tour!  To refresh your memory, we started last Monday with Kyra Sedgwick, who is one degree of separation away from Kevin Bacon (because where else would you start?!?), and we’re working our way through 20 movies/people/shows to get back to, of course, Kevin Bacon.  Each person is sewing something inspired by their movie and then passing the baton on to the next person… so let’s get to it!

Last Friday, Mae & K left us with her post inspired by The Hunger Games.  Now we’re following the star of that movie, Jennifer Lawrence, to…

Silver Linings Playbook!

Movie Collage

One thing there is a lot of in this movie is… active wear. (Does anyone else think of this video whenever they hear “active wear?”)  Since I decided to sew for my kiddos, and they are nothing if they’re not active… it seemed like a perfect fit.  🙂

running Collage

We’ll start with Miss Ella.  Her tank top is from the (free!) racerback tank dress pattern by Crafterhours, but cut at shirt length with a hi-low hem.  I’ve loved this pattern since I made this shirt for Ella the summer after she turned one, and the racerback makes it seem super sporty – perfect for this outfit!


Her leggings are Bonny Leggings from Made for Mermaids, capri length, but hacked a bit – I added side seams on the outside of the legs so that I could piece together the lower back parts of the legs with some fun colors.  The fabric placement was heavily inspired by these lululemon pants.



I also tried faux-flatlock stitching on the seams… I can’t say I was 100% successful on that attempt, but it wasn’t bad enough to take it back off.  🙂


Her jacket was also a big-time pattern hack… I started with the Bimaa pattern, but added color blocking, a front zipper, and front pockets.  See that bright pink piping on there?  Yeah – I MADE that piping.  I know, I know… it’s not hard to do, but it was my first time, so I’m just giving myself a little pat on the back.  Feel free to join me.

Version 2IMG_8275IMG_8320

I love how all three pieces turned out, even though the majority of the fabrics I used for these were ones that I wanted to throw across the room most of the time I was working with them.  For the tank and pants, the black and solid pink are this dance/swimwear fabric, and the print is this fabric, all from from Joann.  It’s all super slippery and any time I had to use my sewing machine instead of my serger (like when trying to add a faux flatlock, for instance), I had to put tissue paper above and below the fabric just to keep it moving through the machine.  You might have noticed that I didn’t even attempt a hem on the tank… yeah.  That definitely saved some sanity.


I had originally planned on making the jacket out of the same black fabric, but thought better of it and instead chose to use this black french terry from Raspberry Creek Fabric.  It was definitely the right decision.  Even the patterned fabric pieces have french terry underneath, to stabilize them and make the whole jacket warmer.  Using french terry made the construction soooo much smoother, and the jacket ended up being so much cozier – perfect for our mild California winter.


Ok, this next part is pretty exciting for me… my little Luke is making his debut on the blog!  Now, with Sew the Show, you are supposed to sew things inspired by the show, but generally not copies or costumes.  But I just couldn’t help myself from making Luke into a little mini Bradley Cooper for this… “garbage bag” and all.


I won’t ask you to say who wore it best.  That just wouldn’t be fair to Mr. Cooper.


Oh, and it’s not actually a garbage bag, folks… I do know better than to put a garbage bag on my baby!  It’s that same black fabric I used for Ella’s leggings.


His sweatshirt is the free hoodie pattern by Brindille & Twig.  The fabric is a super soft french terry, again from Raspberry Creek.  It looks like it’s currently out of stock, but it gets restocked pretty regularly.  For everyday wear I wanted to make it cuter than just an all gray sweatshirt, so the front and the hood lining are this motorcycle fabric from Girl Charlee.


His pants are my favorite way to hack the Baby Go To Leggings (also a free pattern!) to make them more like “boy” pants.  I add some width, cut them shorter, and then add cuffs.  Luke has several pairs of these pants in his wardrobe.  This pair is made from the same french terry as his sweatshirt.

Version 2




I hope you enjoyed this stop of the blog tour!  Now click the picture below to see what movie we’re headed to next!


If you haven’t been following along and you want to know how we got to this movie from Kevin Bacon, check out last week’s posts!

Then keep following along for the rest of the week to see how we get back to Mr. Bacon himself!

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Sew the Show – Six Degrees of Separation

  1. Oh my goodness, this is perfect! I loved this movie, and I never would have associated activewear with it, but you’re totally right. They spend most of the movie in active wear. That jacket is a work of art, and I LOVE the mini-Cooper!

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