McKenzie Dress and Tunic


While my family in the midwest is getting their first big snow of the year, it’s still feeling like fall here in California.  I thought it was about time I shared one of Ella’s most-worn dresses of this past summer.

This dress is the McKenzie Tunic from Shwin Designs, lengthened to dress.  I love, love this dress on Ella.  It doesn’t have any closures, so it just slips right over her head, but it somehow also manages to stay on her shoulders without slipping off.IMG_7254

It’s light and comfortable for her to wear.IMG_7253


And it’s swingy, which is just about the best thing you can ask for in a dress for a 2-year old.  🙂

A59F1C76-D699-45F3-AA51-3C090F9A9CC7I picked up both of these fabrics on a trip to Michigan in the summer of 2014, at Field’s Fabrics in Jenison.  The pink is a quilting cotton, and the blue is a lightweight chambray.


Since we both loved the dress so much, she got a tunic length version as well.



The gold heart material is a quilting cotton from Joann, and it’s adorable!!!  I picked up the aqua material at FabMo.  It’s more lightweight and less stiff than quilting cotton, so this turned out nice and flowy.



And just in case you were wondering what Ella was holding in her hands in these pics, it’s mini m&m’s.  I bribe her with candy to get her to let me take her picture, and I feel no shame about it.  🙂

2E72B46C-F667-4A57-A5BB-86E80ED400AFSee this face?  This face is the “dee” part of “more can-dee???”IMG_7228

Cutie pie candy-face.


Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “McKenzie Dress and Tunic

  1. Love both tunic and dress and the fabrics you used for them. I bought this pattern and was wondering if I could make it without lining. It looks like you didn’t use lining either. Your daughter is adorable.


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