Flower Girl Dress – Trial Run!

My sister-in-law Megan is getting married next summer (to her high school sweetheart!), and we are all so excited!  We are also all going to be in the wedding!  Ella and her cousin Annalise are going to be flower girls together.  These two girls LOVE each other, and it’s going to be sooooo cute to see them in the wedding together.IMG_4524I volunteered to make dresses for the girls, and Megan showed me some pics of what she liked.  The final dresses will be ivory like Megan’s, but for the trial run I wanted to pick a color that Ella would want to wear for other occasions… guess what color? 😉


I searched for a pattern to use for this style, but couldn’t find anything that was exactly what I was looking for, so I ended up hacking the Blake pattern by Mingo & Grace.  This is the same pattern that I used for Ella’s two-year picture dress, and it’s one of my favorites.


For the skirt, I skipped the side seam pockets and gathered instead of pleating it.  I also included a layer of tulle in between the lining and the satin top layer, just to give it a little more fullness.  I also made sure the lace top layer was long enough that the scallop detail fell below the hem of the other layers.


The top took a little more effort.  I drafted a sweetheart neckline for the lining and top satin (it’s not real satin, by the way) and only cut the lace layer per the pattern’s bodice piece, but without the seam allowances on the neckline and arm holes because I knew I would be binding the edges instead of having a lining for the lace part.

IMG_7114 I sewed the lining and satin pieces together for each of the front and back bodice pieces, then basted the lace layer to each satin piece at the side seams.  Then, after I sewed the shoulders and sides together, I bound the arm holes with some narrow bias tape I made from the satin fabrics… this was pretty slippery/tricky, but it actually turned out better than I was expecting!IMG_7113For the neckline, I used the same bias binding, but started it at the top of the inner layers in the back, brought it up and around the neckline, and then brought it back down to the top of the inner layers on the other side of the back.  I also made a keyhole-type effect on the back by trimming the lace out in a semi-circle shape above the other layers.IMG_7110Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but there are some lessons learned and things I’ll do differently for the real flower girl dresses.  First, I want to learn how to use the blind hem feature on my sewing machine for the satin layer so that you can’t see the hem line at the bottom.IMG_7109 I also want to bring the sweetheart neckline up a bit higher.IMG_7106 I also need to work on my invisible zipper installation skills, since this one is far from invisible.  I don’t currently have a sewing machine foot specifically for invisible zippers, but I think I’m going to get one and see if that helps.  I also just picked a button from my stash that was the right size, but it happened to be dark purple… 😛  The real dresses will have matching buttons.  🙂IMG_7087

Oh, and all of the fabrics for this were from my local Joann Fabric – I was actually pretty impressed with their lace selection, and I plan to buy the fabric for the real dresses from there too.IMG_7097IMG_7091IMG_7089Thanks for reading!


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