Kids Clothes Week – Fall 2015 – Results!

Remember two weeks ago during kids clothes week when I kept posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook of the clothes I was making each day, and secretly crossing my fingers that they would fit my niece who lives over 2,000 miles away???  Well, the clothes made it to Michigan, and the results are in!


They fit!

Well, for the most part.  🙂

I made all of the leggings with a size 4 width and size 6 length, and I probably should have just gone with a size 5 all around, since they’re all pretty long and skinny.  But since this girl tends to grow up more than out, I think it’ll be okay.


This first top is a Nessie Top by Craftiness is Not Optional, and it’s the most basic variation.  I made a size 3T width but graded out to a 4 height at the shoulder and a 7 length so that it was more like a tunic.  I love how the curved hem covers her in the back. DSC_0062

The dark gray leggings were made using the Love Notions Leggin’s pattern.DSC_0018This next top is also a Nessie, but the colorblocked version.  The aqua leggings are Bonny Leggings by Made for Mermaids.DSC_0022DSC_0060

This top is also a Nessie Top, but I followed Jess’ gathered pattern hack for some extra variety.


These are also Love Notions Leggin’s, but with the yoga waistband instead of the elastic.  You can see how the 4T waist looks like it’s actually the correct size, but I probably should have graded out to a wider leg size.


Up next was a Pretty in Peplum by Sew Much Ado.  I love how this one looks on her!

DSC_0043 I did a 4T width and a 6 length for the main part of the shirt, and then for the peplum I did a 4T width and a 12 length to make the skirt part extra long.  I also did the size 4 sleeves, but added some length based on Lexi’s arm measurement.DSC_0044 The pink leggings are Bonny Leggings, just like the aqua ones.  See how the top gathers a bit at the sides?  I’m not a huge fan of how these ended up fitting her.DSC_0046  And last but not least, a Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew and a pair of black Go To Leggings.


I love this one on her too!  I made a size 4, but added length and flared it out a bit for more of a tunic look.  I also did just a basic sleeve with a hemmed end, which isn’t one of the pattern options.  I just decided on a sleeve length based on her measurements.  This was my first time making a Recess Raglan (I picked up the pattern a few weeks ago when there was a sale!), and I LOVE making these shirts.  They come together so quickly and are adorable on kids.

In fact, Lexi’s came together so quickly that I had time to make one for each of her little siblings!


The shirt I made for Chloe was upcycled from a shirt my mom had given me a year ago, which meant that I could use the existing hem… extra fast and easy!  She also got a pair of Go To Leggings.DSC_0031 And look at these two sisters… I mean… wow!  Aren’t they beautiful?!?DSC_0035Nolan got his own Recess Raglan in a straight-up size 18 months, and this one has the cuffed sleeves that the pattern calls for.  I can’t believe this cutie pie is almost 9 months old already!!!
DSC_0079He also got some Go To Leggings, but I modified them a bit – I cut the size 2T width so they wouldn’t fit as much like leggings, and then cut them at the 12 month length and added a cuff.  These were made out of french terry, so they’re super soft and cozy.  The cuff is the same fabric, but inside out.  I love the look of these and I have plans to make multiple pairs for Luke.  You also get a glimpse of my gorgeous sister in this pic.  It’s no wonder her kids are so cute!DSC_0090

I bought all of the fabrics (except the french terry and the upcycled shirt) from Girl Charlee, and they were all great to work with.  I love that the fabric weights are listed on their website, since I still consider myself a novice when it comes to sewing knits, and the heavier weights are more stable and easier for me to work with.

And now, I’ll leave you with this adorable picture:

DSC_0084        Thanks for reading!!!


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