Kid’s Clothes Week Plans – Fall 2015

It’s almost time for kid’s clothes week!


What is kid’s clothes week?  It’s a week where you commit to sewing for kids one hour a day, seven days in a row.  This season’s theme is “Disguise,” but I’m not really planning to make anything that fits in with the theme… oops!

This will be the first time I’m participating, and I’m very excited… BUT I’m not planning to make anything for my own kids!

I am lucky enough to be the recipient of some great hand-me-down clothes from my sister, who has two beautiful girls older than Ella and a cute-as-can-be son a few months older (but a couple sizes bigger… ha!) than Luke.

Lexi and Chloe

Chloe and Nolan

Lexi and Nolan

See?  I told you they were some good looking kids!

Since I don’t have a great need for clothes for my own kids, my sister and I devised a plan for me to sew for my oldest niece, Lexi.  My goal is to make five tunics and three pairs of leggings for her.  And then in about two years I *might* get them back for Ella, if they aren’t too worn out… but I kind of hope they get worn out, because that means they are a well-loved part of my nieces’ wardrobes.

I’m sure I will still be making clothes for Ella and Luke this fall/winter, just not in mass quantities. 🙂

Here’s a quick look at the patterns and fabrics I have lined up:

The Nessie Top by Craftiness is Not Optional – I plan to do three different variations on this one.

nessiefront-nwThe Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew


Pretty in Peplum by Sew Much Ado


Go To Leggings by Go To PatternsGo-To-Leggings-Pattern-cover

Leggin’s by Love Notions

leggins-Love Notions

Bonny Leggings by Made for Mermaids

bonny 2

Why three different leggings patterns?  Well, because I see myself making a LOT of leggings in the future, and I want to find which pattern I like best.  So I plan to make one of each, see what the differences are, and go from there.

I already have most of the patterns printed, assembled, and traced for Lexi’s measurements (although I think I threw out my back doing this on the floor all in one evening… oops!  Lesson learned.)

For the fabric, I ordered most of it from Girl Charlee.  Here’s a peek:


It’s all knit fabric, which can be trickier to work with than woven fabrics, and this will be the first test of my NEW SERGER!!! (affiliate link)  I’m excited but also nervous about the whole trims-as-you-sew thing… no “oopsies” allowed… 😛

Wish me luck!

Do any of you have plans for kid’s clothes week?


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