Tribal Print Lane Top

Okay guys – I finally faced one of my biggest sewing fears – sewing clothing for myself!

IMG_7319I chose the Lane Top by Shwin Designs, and this was the perfect pattern for a women’s sewing newbie.  It’s flowy and there are no darts, so the pattern itself is fairly straight forward.  I measured at the small/medium border for both the chest and waist measurements, and a straight-up large for the hip (ummm… can someone say pear-shaped?), so I chose to do a medium at the top and grade out to large at the bottom.  IMG_7291I also added 2.5 inches to the length, since the pattern was written for someone about 2 inches shorter than me and I also have a long torso (as in, no cheap-o one piece bathing suits will ever fit me!).  Plus, I wanted the shirt to provide a little extra booty coverage when I’m wearing yoga pants.  Because let’s be honest – I kind of live in yoga pants when I’m at home.  IMG_7296The result was a little bigger than I was going for, particularly in the shoulder area.  I may try a small for the chest/waist next time, but I also kind of like the oversized look right now, especially when my post-baby belly is still hanging around.IMG_7301The trickiest part for me was working with a new type of fabric – rayon challis.  I got this fabric from (although it looks like this color is out of stock – see another colorway here) and I love the feel of it – I mean, wearing rayon is pretty great!  But working with it is a little tougher than a quilting cotton, since it can slip around on you a bit.  I used a trick that I had seen on pinterest (but didn’t actually pin, so now I don’t know where I saw it), and I think it saved me some major heartache.  Are you ready for this?  A glue stick!  Elmer’s school glue, to be precise, because it washes out.  You roll it on, then fold your hem/binding down and hit it with a hot dry iron.  Presto!  No more dealing with shifty fabric between pins!  I highly recommend.IMG_7309Thanks for reading!


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