Rainbow Stripe First Day Dress

This cute girl is the epitome of “crazy hair don’t care.”  Some days, it’s just not worth the battle to get her to sit still for as long as it takes to put in ponytails – there are just so many other fun things to do!  So, sorry about the crazy hair.  It’s a good thing she’s still cute, even with crazy hair.  🙂

On to the dress!  This dress was made using the First Day Dress pattern by MADE.  I love this pattern, and I bought it on the first day it was available, after much anticipation.  There are a couple of different silhouettes you can make (scroll down to see the circle skirt version below!), and I like that this a-line version gives you the chance to use some really bold fabric.IMG_6987

This pattern is really beginner friendly – the closure is just a simple button on the back – no buttonholes or zippers required.


This fabric is from Ikea a few years back, and if you’ve known me long enough, you might recognize it as the curtains that hung in our first apartment when we moved to California!  You know… the white walls, beige carpets, and generally blah type of apartment that needs a little color brought into it.  These brought color for sure!  Now they’re getting a second life in this dress, and it makes me happy to see these bright stripes again.  The funny thing is, back when I bought this fabric, I was so intimidated by sewing that I had my mother in law hem the curtains for me… things have changed a bit since then!

Okay, here’s how a toddler photo shoot works in my house.

Step 1: Put toddler in dress.  Try to convince her to let me put pigtails in, but settle for a couple of bows to get the hair out of her face.

Step 2: Follow toddler around trying to get decent pictures of said dress.  Take 67 pictures.IMG_6943 Step 3: “You want to go outside?  Sure!”  The lighting is better out there anyway. 😉 Take 83 more pictures.IMG_6961IMG_6983Step 4: Go through all the pictures and find 8 that are decent enough to include. Win!IMG_6971Below is the circle skirt version of the pattern, which I made for my niece Lexi’s 4th birthday last summer.  There are a few different options for how to do the circle skirt – this one has two separate layers for extra twirl factor.  🙂  I like this version for “older” girls – I don’t think it works as well with toddler tummy.  But there are definitely going to be some of these in Ella’s future!


Thanks for reading!


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