Faux Chenille Baby Blankets

Is it possible to have too many baby blankets?  I don’t think so… mine end up needing to be washed so often that having a few extra on the shelf is never a bad idea. 🙂  IMG_0419This type of blanket is one of my favorites for putting under my kiddos as they are laying on the floor during the itty-bitty, pre-crawling stage that Luke is in right now.  At four months old, he likes to hang out with some toys, do some tummy time (yes, he actually likes tummy time!  Who knew some babies liked that?), and giggle at his crazy parents and sister who do all kinds of silly faces and voices to make him laugh.

IMG_9620 We received one of these blankets as a gift when I was pregnant with Ella, and after I learned how to sew, these blankets were quickly on my to-do list.

I use Dana’s tutorial to make these, and use flannel for all four layers to make it extra soft and cozy.  I also like to do squared off corners instead of the rounded ones that she does.

IMG_9617This one was for a gender-neutral baby shower, so I did a beige backing with navy, deep pink, and coral top fabrics, based on some clues my friend had given me about her nursery colors.  As you can see, the top color definitely stands out the most, and you get little hints of the two other colors below.
IMG_9624IMG_9622For this one for my nephew, I matched up the top fabrics to the colors of the chevron pattern on the back.  IMG_0421IMG_0420I’ve always used the pre-made blanket binding you can find at Joann to do the edges, and I like to use this multiple-stitch zig-zag to attach it.  I love this stitch because even if you don’t have the edges of the front and back binding lined up exactly, it is wide enough to catch both of them with at least two of the three stitches.  Plus I just like how it looks!IMG_9625

What I discovered is… these take a long time to make!!!  You can tell I’m not a quilter!  I’m used to sewing up little girl dresses, which involve multiple steps of different techniques, and are generally pretty quick to make.  These blankets take a lot of time, and most of that time is spent sewing straight lines 1/2″ apart from each other… it gets tedious.  But then you end up with a beautiful blanket and you’re so glad you did it!!!

IMG_0422Thanks for reading!


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