Baby Shoes

One of my favorite gifts for baby showers are these little shoes.  I mean… so cute, right?!?


Plus, these have the added bonus of keeping little baby socks on… which is otherwise next to impossible, if you ask me.


For boy shoes, I generally use the pattern/tutorial found here, which gives you shoes the size of the ones on the left.  These fit my little Luke (or as Ella calls him, “witto Wukie”) right now at 3.5 months old.  My sister-in-law recently requested some slightly bigger shoes for my super adorable nephew Ezra, a petite 8.5 month-old, so I printed the pattern at 110% scale for the two other pairs shown here.  I’m hoping they’re big enough, but we’ll find out when he gets them in the mail next week!


I vary from the pattern/tutorial in just a few ways.  First, to make the sole of the shoe, I layer faux-suede for the bottom, a double-sided fusible interfacing like this one, and fleece for the lining, and then iron to fuse them all together.  I’ve found that fusing these together at the beginning makes the whole shoe come together much easier.  Second, I always use fleece for the lining because it’s so soft and warm for little baby feet!  Finally, I don’t use interfacing on the lining, just the exterior fabrics.  I’ve never felt like I needed it on the lining too (maybe because I use fleece?), and I like that it makes the shoe less stiff than if it had more interfacing.

IMG_7060The faux-suede makes the bottoms just a little grippy, but if you’re making these for walking kiddos I would probably recommend something with even more grip, like this anti-skid fabric.

I got all of the faux-suede and fleece for these shoes from my local Joann.  All of the exterior fabrics for these came from a place near me called FabMo.  I’ll have to write another post about this place sometime, but for now, let me just tease you with this:


IMG_7068IMG_7067One thing I’m finding is that the back of the shoe can be just a touch too low, so I may alter the pattern a bit to bring it up higher and provide even better stay-on-ability (yes, making up new words as I go!) for those little feet.
IMG_7072 IMG_7076 IMG_7077 IMG_7079 IMG_7080IMG_7085

Here are some other shoes I’ve made in the past…


The outer fabric on these was upcycled from one of my hubby’s old button-down shirts.


Both the navy chevron and gray stripe fabrics are left over from other projects… another nice thing about these shoes is that they’re a great scrap-buster!


These pacifier clips are also a go-to baby gift for me.  There may be a tutorial for these coming soon. 😉


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2 thoughts on “Baby Shoes

    1. Sorry! It was one of those small pieces I get for free from FabMo, and I used it all on that one pair of shoes! But I’m sure we can find some more fabric somewhere to make you something nice too. 🙂


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